Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What are Terpenes?

Scientists agree Terpenes are the wave of the future.  These highly concentrated flavor & scent molecules are food safe, all natural, plant based, organic, FDA- Approved and found all over the natural world.  The US Terp Co. recommends terpenes that are steam distilled, highly concentrated and available in bulk volume for major labels.

The US Terp Co. evangelizes Terpene Use over Chemicals across the board.  Bring Terpenes into your product R & D cycle!  Terpenes are potent enough to replace artificial synthetic chemical based scent & flavor additives in product formulations across the board.  Terpenes are the future.  Chemicals are the past.

The US Terp Co. may be bringing Terpenes to you for the first time- be an early adopter.  The world is engaged in this tidal wave of Excellent Change.  Change that's ultimately better for our environment.  Change that supports the body's immune system, instead of leaving it weaker with chemical pollutants. Terpenes offer positive health effects like; pain relief, calm, anti-inflammatory, energy boost, increased alertness, muscle soothing!   As an early adopter TRY IT OUT for yourself.  Use Terpenes in your aroma therapy diffuser for a healthy upgrade from candles & aerosol room deodorizers to Terpenes! 

What's truly game changing is the way these scent & flavor molecules are GOOD FOR YOU.  Food product formulators- stop polluting your customer's bodies with synthetic additives- switch to Terpenes!  Beauty product formulators- stop polluting your client's skin with synthetic additives- switch to Terpenes!  We used to require these chemicals.  Not any more.  Companies that move away from chemicals and toward healing plant-based solutions will rise to the top.  Baby Boomers and Millennials alike all want a strong immune system for a high quality, active lifestyle.  We all insist on all natural ingredients that don't pollute our amazing, beautiful planet.  
 Catch the Terpene Bug!  Everyone is doing it!  (1)enjoy awesome Terpene smells (2)allow your body the positive effects of Terpenes!  Make time to meditate on how wonderful the synergy is...

Recommended Use
  • 8 drops of Linalool is pleasant.
  • 4 drops of Alpha-Pinene + 4 drops of Limonene is crisp, alert.
  • 6 drops of Myrcene is relaxing.

Dr. Mercola Recommends Terpenes

Here's a trusted source discussing Terpenes.  An article written by Dr. Mercola about Terpenes @


 MrAlfred is Your Terpene Butler.  He only recommends the best terpenes.  Check with Alfred when you need Terpenes.  

Reduce your pollution footprint.  Pivot away from Chemicals ...use plant-powered Terpenes!

Invest in Plant Powered Terpenes.

Replace chemical fragrance from candles/ room aerosols with 100% plant power- TERPENES.  Our body naturally desires pleasant scents in our home environment. LQQK @ all natural smells that are good for you!!  Terpenes are beneficial aroma molecules that ARE smell, taste and product healthy body effects (like reducing inflammation, lowering stress).  These are 100% plant power from nature!  Terpenes smell great and make us feel great too!  Tree adds Terpenes to lip balm, lotions, soaps, candles+.  

To replace the awesome sniffs in your home buy a cold water aromatherapy diffuser & add 5-10 drops of any Terpene listed below.  Not only do Terpenes smell AMAZING, they also provide our body a physical benefit.  Click on the image to browse our catalog of all natural, organic, FDA-Approved Terpenes!  

Learn more about Plant Powered Terpenes.
Chemicals are toxins (Free Radicals) in our breathing air.  Over time it is suspected they contribute to increased anxiety and a weakened immune system. Terpenes are plant based healing that actually make us feel less stress.  Read more HERE.  

Visit our DIY Channel to make all natural, simple home products.  We educate everyone how to pivot away from chemicals and toward plant based healing products made from simple, healthy ingredients @ www.TerpeneStore.com.  Create your clean, healthy, all-natural home!  Our YouTube Channel has demonstrations on 'How To' from Tree! Create Terpene infused Soap, terpene Stick Lotion, terpene Tea, terpene Lip Balm, relaxing Terpene Candles. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Terpenes: "Magic in a Bottle"

April, 2016 Simone Fischer reported for the Northwest Leaf: The Patient's Voice   

Original article @ http://www.thenorthwestleaf.com/pages/articles/post/isolated-terpenes-magic-in-a-bottle

"Over 30,000 different terpenes are found in nature. They have the ability to attract (pollinators) or deter (pests) and respond to outside stimuli. Other than flavor, Cannabis uses terpenes to create a protective layer to shield itself against the elements. Terpenes or “terps” work synergistically with cannabinoids, thanks to the entourage effect. Not only do cannabinoids work better together when more are present, they also have an intrinsic relationship with terpenes.
I interviewed Ben Cassiday (also known as @terpeneguy on Instagram) and Chris Campagna, the COO and CEO respectively of the True Terpenes (@trueterpenes). They specialize in manufacturing isolated terpenes like myrcene or linalool, and terpene strain profiles — such as Granddaddy Purple or Tahoe OG — you can add to enhance your concentrate or flower experience. The terpenes come in clear liquid form in blue vials of various sizes.
I enjoy using Cannabis recreationally, but I’m also a current OMMP cardholder who uses Cannabis to treat an autoimmune condition. I use Cannabis daily without the help of insurance or any coverage of my prescription costs. Imagine paying for all of your prescriptions out-of-pocket without the option of insurance (welcome to my life). My budget is tight and $60 grams — at medical price without the 25 percent Oregon Cannabis sales tax — of quality extracts are not an option without going bankrupt when you use up to a half-gram (or more depending on pain levels) a day.
Without a garden, I cannot afford the quality of medicine at the quantity I use to treat myself. Live resin or nug runs often start at $50 minimum per gram (pre tax). In my experience, terpy dabs taste the best and provide greater medicinal health benefits. The problem is affording them on a steady basis. "

Sunday, February 10, 2019

How Terpenes Impact Our Body

Terpenes are PLANT POWER direct from nature- unspoiled and steam distilled.  Empower Yourself to replace chemicals in your routine and pivot to Terpenes. Terpenes not only smell great, but deliver a Benefit to your Body!  

Terpenes are the pungent fragrance molecules behind pine, lime, lavender, clove, etc...  Through a steam distillation process Terpene molecules are isolated in a laboratory.  Terpenes are what give essential oils their power.  

The US Terp Co. is making the highest quality terpenes available to every person on the planet!   

 Click to see Body Affects of Terpenes

Dr. Mercola Recommends Terpenes

Here's another trusted source discussing Terpenes.  An article written by Dr. Mercola about Terpenes @

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Guidelines to Buy Terpenes

Isolates are Highly Concentrated.  43 Isolates.  Steam Distilled. Organic. These are perfect for formulating products.  Eliminate synthetic chemicals in your formulation by using plant powered Terpenes!  Formulate signature scents.  Click here to see Terpene Mixing Table.

Profiles enhance Product Formulations.   21 Signature Terpene Combinations.  Possible rebranding options. Legal Worldwide.  Revolutionary.  Game Changer!  Turn any flower into Your Favorite Designer Strain!  Customize your experience.