Saturday, June 3, 2017

Our Vision

The US Terpene Company (aka. 'US Terp Co', 'The US Terp Co') is a startup focused on advocating planet friendly lifestyle on a global level.  The US Terp Co believes this micro-strategy will accumulate into meaningful, healthy change on a macro-level.  

The chemical toxicity in our homes- car- work environments is overwhelming.  The US Terp Co seeks to promote positive, meaningful change away from chemical use and toward plant based terpenes.   Terpenes are the beneficial aroma molecules of the plant world.   Think about the smell of; lavender in the Summer, pine in the Winter, lilac in the Spring- those are all terpenes.  Our body encounters these pungent smells and it physically benefits our body.  Terpenes can reduce inflammation, increase calm and can even give a sense of alertness!  Terpenes are an amazing gift from the plant world.  

Use plant based healing today.  Adopt our message to:

"Pivot away from chemical pollutants and toward plant based TERPENES!"

US Terp Co Terpenes are steam distilled, organic, kosher, non-GMO, all natural, FDA-Approved & cannabis free.  These pure aroma molecules are even more pure than essential oils.  

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Create Signature Scents/ Flavors/ Affects

Click on our Terpie PowerLifter to buy the Ultimate Package of Terpene Isolates.  The ultimate package  includes every Terpene Isolate we sell!  Perfect for product formulation!