Thursday, January 21, 2016

the Terpene Workshop

Stay Tuned for 1/2 day TERPENE WORKSHOPGet up to speed on new technology. Bring your team to the Terpene Workshop to fast track ahead of competition. 
Who should attend?  Product formulators, terpene massage oils, pain, relaxation, concentrates, snack products, energy drinks, beauty products, commercial food packaging, DIY recommended usage.

  • Meet Terpene manufacturers with product
  • Terpene Expert:  Q & A
  • Guest Speakers knowledge share from their Experiences
  • Enjoy a drink from the Terpene Bar!  Drinks are the creation of a Terpene Mixologist.
  • Purchase GoTerpie! products: terpene infused tea, chapstick, lotion, sugar scrubs, soaps & more.
  • Breakout sessions with Live Demos
    • How to safely work with Terpenes
    • Tips for creating great terpene product formulations
    • Advice from a successful Terpene Innovator & the creator of GoTerpie! product line.

Breakout Sessions in

      1. Food/ Beauty 
      2. Vape/ Concentrate 
      3. Wellness Clinics
      4. Cleaning Products

    Bring your best team to "the Terpene Workshop" and fast track ahead of competition!