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Terpenes: "Magic in a Bottle"

April, 2016 Simone Fischer reported for the Northwest Leaf: The Patient's Voice   

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"Over 30,000 different terpenes are found in nature. They have the ability to attract (pollinators) or deter (pests) and respond to outside stimuli. Other than flavor, Cannabis uses terpenes to create a protective layer to shield itself against the elements. Terpenes or “terps” work synergistically with cannabinoids, thanks to the entourage effect. Not only do cannabinoids work better together when more are present, they also have an intrinsic relationship with terpenes.
I interviewed Ben Cassiday (also known as @terpeneguy on Instagram) and Chris Campagna, the COO and CEO respectively of the True Terpenes (@trueterpenes). They specialize in manufacturing isolated terpenes like myrcene or linalool, and terpene strain profiles — such as Granddaddy Purple or Tahoe OG — you can add to enhance your concentrate or flower experience. The terpenes come in clear liquid form in blue vials of various sizes.
I enjoy using Cannabis recreationally, but I’m also a current OMMP cardholder who uses Cannabis to treat an autoimmune condition. I use Cannabis daily without the help of insurance or any coverage of my prescription costs. Imagine paying for all of your prescriptions out-of-pocket without the option of insurance (welcome to my life). My budget is tight and $60 grams — at medical price without the 25 percent Oregon Cannabis sales tax — of quality extracts are not an option without going bankrupt when you use up to a half-gram (or more depending on pain levels) a day.
Without a garden, I cannot afford the quality of medicine at the quantity I use to treat myself. Live resin or nug runs often start at $50 minimum per gram (pre tax). In my experience, terpy dabs taste the best and provide greater medicinal health benefits. The problem is affording them on a steady basis. "

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