Friday, February 7, 2020

You Want Terpenes

The US Terp Company evaluates Terpenes for use in everyday products.  We provide recommendations for quality, pure amazing Terpenes

 Terpene Isolates are MedicinalClick on the Terpene Butler to Buy.  Alfred is your Terpene Butler.  He stays current on all terpenes and recommends only the BEST!  
Trust the Butler.  
Alfred's "Best" guarantee means FDA-Approved, organic, non-GMO, Kosher, all-natural, steam distilled & Made in America.  
Own the Rainbow of Aroma! Terpenes are plant based fragrance with healthy body effects. 

Isolated Terpenes  

 Isolated TerpenesAlfred escorts you to the best Terpene Isolates.  These are individual, pure terpenes.  Use these to replace chemicals in your formulation with all natural Terpenes!  

Choose All Natural Ingredients for Your Health Today!

Check this OUT!!   
Dr. Mercola Recommends Terpenes

Here's another trusted source discussing Terpenes.  An article written by Dr. Mercola about Terpenes @  

Need more information on Terpenes?  Click HERE

 Learn more about Terpenes MrAlfred is Your Terpene Butler.  He only recommends the best terpenes.  Check with Alfred when you need Terpenes.  

Pivot away from Chemicals ...use plant-powered Terpenes!

Visit our DIY Channel to make all natural, simple home products.  We educated how to pivot away from chemicals and toward plant based healing products made from simple, healthy ingredients @ Tree's Terps DIY Channel  Create your clean, healthy, all-natural home!

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